Psychedelic Tropics

Aubane Berthommé Martinez, a curator and multidisciplinary artist based in Rotterdam, redefines contemporary social classes through self-representation. Her art, centered on questioning and embracing gender identity and sexuality, utilizes her body as both concept and medium. Pushing boundaries with a performative and site-specific approach to paintings, ceramics, and photographs, her work carries a subtle tenderness and humor, embracing kitsch aesthetics and extravagance. This exploration extends beyond art into the co-founding of Squish, a queer-feminist cultural platform, and Kollection Kitsch, democratizing fine arts in unconventional spaces.

‘Psychedelic Tropics‘ is a series of analogue self-portraits digitally manipulated. This exploration of gender through eroticism becomes a powerful reappropriation of body and sexuality, challenging objectification and celebrating otherness. The series critically examines the artist’s Mediterranean and working-class identity, with a focus on dismantling gender roles and binary representations within psychedelic landscapes. / Website / @kollectionkitsch / @squish.rotterdam

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