Rada Yakova


Rada Yakova is an artist based in The Hague, Netherlands. She graduated in Art initially in Sofia, Bulgaria and later at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Yakova’s art focuses on feminine sexuality where she interprets through movement the inner complexities of a modern woman.

My art focuses on expression and my identity as a female artist. Through my work I seek to express the conflict of the many emotions and struggles a modern woman has to
face. It seeks to project at once the combined experiences of joy, guilt and desire within women. I focus on the diverging and conflicting emotions that I feel in trying to unfurl my true feminine identity. My inner desires to freely and uninhibitedly celebrate my female self on my terms conflicted with the pressures of conforming to the norms and rules of family, community and society. Across a variety of themes all linked to representing the expression of the “movement“ of women, I am seeking to ignite the imagination of my audience. Through abstract imagery I project a female form on the canvas of my imagination. To me art is a projection of my dreams and what I see in the everyday world around me. The mind can create a beauty that the outside world can never truly deliver. By using abstract imagery, I am seeking to unleash the imagination of the only canvas on which perfection can be achieved – your imagination. Through the power of omission, the unsaid and the never spoken, which art unleashes in all of us, I hope to allow our minds eye to picture the perfect beauty that reality can never deliver.

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