Punk Grace is the new editorial by photographer Anouk Brouwer, capturing the journey of musician Jackie Lou, known for her punk rock aesthetic, now portrayed in a vulnerable and soft manner, shedding the layers of dark makeup and leather items. Bathed in sunlight, Jackie Lou stands stripped down, showcasing her bravery not through stage performance but by fearlessly revealing her authentic, softer self.

With this shoot I wanted to explore my more vulnerable side. It is quite challenging, since (as an artist) the way I normally present myself is like a badass, but I recently haven’t been feeling my strong sexy self. This period has brought a lot of perspective though. I am both a badass mf and a soft soul, so I wanted that to emerge in this series. Next to an incredible photographer, Anouk is a dear friend, which made this the perfect shoot to open up.

Jackie Lou

Photographer: Anouk Brouwer @anoukdbrouwer
Muse: Jackie Lou @jackieloumusic

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