Tina Dubrovsky


Tina Dubrovsky is a photographer from Israel based in Berlin. She started her professional career whilst still in her teens, producing photoshoots on her own, covering an array of aspects in fashion photography. Her work quickly came to the attention of several modeling agencies and she was recruited by ‘Roberto’, a leading agency in Tel Aviv as their main portfolio photographer, at age nineteen. Since then she expanded her craft as a portrait and fashion photographer, shooting commercial and art projects for clients and galleries in Israel, Europe and New York.

“These are a few shots from my series called ‘Fuck the Photographer’ that I started way back in Israel with my old minolta. I would pick the models that I connected to and people I knew and either created or captured the moment that looked beautiful to me using my surroundings. The series is a sort of diary with elements of fashion in it. I’m now continuing the series after a 2 year hiatus because since moving to Berlin I was inspired again by the people and locations. Funny thing is that in Israel my work was considered edgy and very sexual whilst by Berlin standards, it’s super softcore.”

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