Rebecca Aslett


Rebecca Aslett is a UCA photography graduate whose work revolves around feminine sexuality and looks to explore how this has been contorted. Her project, Fetish Wounds, is an attempt to illustrate a quote by Laura Mulvey when speaking about the male gaze:

“The message of fetishism concerns not woman, but the narcissistic wound she represents for man. Women are constantly confronted with their own image in one form or another, but what they see bears little relation or relevance to their own unconscious fantasies, their own hidden fears and desires. They are being turned all the time into objects of display, to be looked at and gazed and stared at by men. Yet, in a real sense, women are not there at all. The parade has nothing to do with woman, everything to do with man. The true exhibit is always the phallus. Women are simply the scenery onto which men project their narcissistic fantasies. The time has come for us to take over the show and exhibit our own fears and desires.” (Laura Mulvey)
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