Safe Space by Hélène Mastrandréas


“A safe space is a place where I can express myself, where I can be vulnerable. As a queer person, I need that in order to take the strength of being who I am.
I met Bella, a trans woman who is transitioning right now. Together, we decided to stage a safe space where she could express who she already is, beautiful and vulnerable, during the ritual of the bath.”
-Hélène Mastrandréas

Director and Photographer: Hélène Mastrandréas @helenemastrandreas
Model: Bella Baguena @baguena_bella
Stylist: Aurore Mercadé @auroremercade
Director of photography: Lucie Ternisien @lucieternisien
Make up artist: Ondine Marchal @ondinemarchal
Production assistant: Safie Diagne @safie_dgn
Music: “A sang” Detente @umidmassoud
Casting: Alejandra Perez @cross_bone_
Editing: Vincent Fleischmann @vincentfleischmann 
Production video: Elsa Philippe, Heko
Production photo: Eyd Paris @eydparis
Bella wears Kits and Lorette Colé Duprat
Thanks MAC cosmetics @maccosmeticsfrance Véronique Chabourine @veroniquechabourine
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