Savana Ogburn


Savana Ogburn is a photographer, avid DIYer, and pop music enthusiast located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She is in love with technicolor hues and telling surreal stories with her art.

Identity Crisis is a zine about the ways that people can find, change, grow into, and experiment with identity. These photos are a celebration of playing dress up, which is sort of the OG way to explore identities- everyone does it as a kid, but I became interested in the way that this manifests beyond childhood, specifically in art. I embody five absurd characters in the spirit of Cindy Sherman, with the ~razzle dazzle~ of David Bowie, and the campiness of some of my favorite drag queens. Identity can sometimes be scary and embarrassing, but what’s great about it is that it’s fluid, ever changing, and can be as wacky as you want it to be.
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