Paige Megan Hawley


Based in London, Paige is a Photographer, Curator and Activist. Her work is driven by her experience of when she was raped, making her want to act for a social change.

She captured her emotions ‘Turning a Negative impact into a Positive’ through the concepts of the photographic development of film. The projects expanded from this theme and lead onto many exhibitions, this is when Paige became interested in curation and she also became the founder of Nasty Women London. 

Donald Trump is an example of the terrible world we live in today. My images aim to express and confront my enemy and any male that sees a woman as an object or a piece of meat. Each of my projects tell a story of an event which happened to me. My goal is to inspire women to go forward from rape and sexual violence. Their voices are important and need to be heard! I attended court this year to get justice from when I was raped. Unfortunately I didn’t get the justice I wanted. It was the most difficult experience being made to feel like the criminal when I am the victim. I stood up and made my voice be heard. No one should ever be silenced, I refused to be and still do. My project “The Aftermath” helped me cope with the after effects of rape. Each individual photograph reflects in detail what happened the night I was raped. Photographing and developing film was my way of beginning the process of healing. These photographs are to inspire other survivors to move forward in their lives.
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