Behind The Surface


Sophie Steiner, an artist from Berlin, delves into the experiences of young women navigating the digital age and political shifts in her ongoing series titled ‘Behind The Surface.’ The series seeks to shed light on the influence of beauty standards and social media on the mental well-being of young women, emphasizing the necessity for open discussions on societal issues. Evolving into an interactive installation, the project serves as a platform for individuals who feel marginalized and suppressed by society, giving them a voice.

On social media we mainly see an idealized portrayal of people’s lives.

While we chill at home on a Friday night with a big pack of Doritos and Netflix, we are bombarded by Instagram posts of the girl with 100k followers and a flawless body seemingly having a blast at a super cool party. We are constantly pressured to gain more followers, create a trendy profile, and accumulate as many likes as possible. This constant comparison drives us crazy!

My pictures aim to to reveal the reality of life for an adolescent girl and young woman behind the screen, shedding light on the issues we face.

Sophie Steiner


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