Sophie Steiner


Sophie Steiner is a 22-year-old artist from Berlin, currently studying art history and gender studies at Humboldt University. Her ongoing series ‘Behind The Surface’ aims to highlight the impact of beauty standards & social media on young women and their mental health. The project developed into an interactive IRL installation giving a voice to everybody who feels marginalized and repressed by society.

I explore what it feels like to grow up as a 20-something-year old girl in the age of digitization and political changes. We need more honest conversations about issues that concern us, even if they are perceived as unpleasant by society.Β On social media we mainly see the extraordinary and seemingly perfect life of people we mostly do not know in person. While we chill at home on a Friday night with a big pack of Doritos and Netflix, we are informed by Instagram that, at the same moment, the girl with the 100k followers and the perfect body seems to be having a lot of fun at a super cool party.Β We are always under pressure to get more followers, a cool profile, and as many likes as possible. We constantly compare ourselves with others. It drives you fucking crazy! My pictures aim to show what the life of an adolescent girl and young woman behind the screen really is like, and what issues a young woman has to deal with.
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