Laural Campbell “Carnelian”

An exploration of her own trauma after five years of suffering ptsd, “Carnelian” photobook by Laural Campbell is a raw and honest window into how childhood trauma shapes a person through everything they do. It follows a journey of recapture through the open letter to a perpetrator and objective viewership of locations of trauma, whilst also exposing the deepest parts of the development of ptsd. 

Post traumatic stress manifests differently for every survivor, Carnelian is just one insight as to how one woman has dealt with the horrific journey she’s been thrust into, hoping to give others the empowerment they may or may not need.

Carnelian is a stone of courage and empowerment, used in spiritual practices around the globe to aid survivors of trauma and abuse in their healing. Sometimes… we need more than that.

This specific series of portraits taken from the photobook focuses on control and reclamation of the body and self after sexual trauma.

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