Camila Rhodi


Camila Rhodi is a performance artist. Her live performances, videos and multimedia installations deal with topics such as love, loneliness, gender, violence and sexuality. Rhodis unflinching honesty, intensely personal, self-deprecatory and poetical humorous artist’s confessional works never fail to drop her audiences defenses.

LONG TIME NO SEX, Berlin, 2012.
Drops of love affairs experiences are written in red letters on a toilet paper. Beside the distortion of the song Je T’aime moi non plus, the work is a mix of erotic, funny and ironic random stories. The public display of intimate life details, with a non-fear of confronting sexual ethics, gender norms, and the tyranny of political correctness inspired by the so-called sex-positive feminist art. Fighting for the female sexuality deconstructing patriarchal structures of power and oppression, using the aesthetics of the ‘personal is political’ to the artistic practice as a method for empowerment. It is a mixture of the funny, erotic and ironic stories of love affairs written in red on a toilette paper.
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