Aria Herbst


Aria Herbst is a 19 year old photographer, filmmaker, writer, and musician in Brooklyn, New York. The concept of beauty is heavily present in Aria Herbst’s work. She strives to capture the beauty of those around her and believes strongly there is beauty in every person. Aria wants the people around her to see themselves through her eyes, hoping to aid people on their journey to self love as she continues on the path to finding it within herself.

“This photo series, titled “Unease,” is about anxiety and how it effects me in different ways. I dissected my own anxiety into four main categories: Panic, Self Destruction, Apathy, and Queasiness. I personified these four traits as people and the colors and elements I associate with them. Anxiety is something that I struggle with every day and facing it head on in this project was very cathartic but also challenging for me. I didn’t want to have a series blatantly about this anxiety, visually speaking, rather, I wanted to create something beautiful where the closer you look, the more bizarre and uncomfortable it becomes, just as often anxiety is not noticeable on the surface.”

Styling/Hair/Makeup: Aria Herbst
Art Direction/Set Design/Lighting: Aria Herbst
Photography and Concept: Aria Herbst
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