Léa Liotier aka Gundröw is a French artist based in Paris where she is studying Fashion Design. Gundröw describes herself as multifaceted maker and visual storyteller. Her work is a contemporary visual fable hanging between 60’s neo-futurism, desert acid trips in the 70’s, and California motels. She creates everything, from the concept to the final product.
Her artistic commitment is based on three fundamental themes: distress, solitude and disappearance.

The visual story I am telling is the condensed life of a person who feels lost in the immensity of the Sky and very attached to the Earth. This character feels alone and is trying to feel alive, to love, but ends up disappearing mysteriously. This small fable repeats itself indefinitely. If my work is expressed via Instagram, it’s to raise awareness towards essential human values other than egocentrism, money, luxury… By expressing myself among a system whose content promotes values that are often superficial, I try to make people react or at least reflect, poetically!

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