Stephanie Penelope


Stephanie Penelope: Originally born in London and now living in Berlin, Stephanie is an analog photographer shooting anything she finds beautiful from fashion to nude art. She is drawn to working with people who have a voice to be heard or another form of creativity to add to series of imagery. Many of her collaborations have been created through something more than just a theme or an initial idea, but from the stories of the people who are involved. Grace Hazel: A passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to re-discover pleasure, Grace has taken the 10 years she experienced chronic Vulvodynia, and used it to transform her life into an empowered feminine embodied movement. She guides women around the globe to eradicate all shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and holds space for honest and real ‘Pussy’ centric conversations to occur.

Grace was a perfect candidate, speaking to women and creating a platform where women feel safe to speak themselves. Grace’s body is one to be desired by both men and women, yet throughout the entire shoot she pushed to emphasise the beauty in body “flaws”, getting up close with body rolls, fluffy hairs and stretch marks, showing that not one single person is “perfect”.

Model: Grace Brown.
@grace__hazel Photographer: Stephanie Bonnefoy 
@stephaniepenelope Styling: Miss Crofton 
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