The NEST Project


Debbie Baxter (she/her) is an artist, Fine Art Photographer and creator of The NEST Project. Her work focuses on the joy, triumph, pain and sadness of real people from all walks of life in their most vulnerable state. Through the use of her lens Debbie channels her own understanding of trauma to create ethereal yet beautiful and delicate photos that strip their subjects bare and allow them to reconnect to an innocence long since lost.
Debbie has spent the last four years traveling around the world building human-sized nests. Each time, she invites people in to shed their emotional weight and become their truest selves to create transformational nest portraits.

Currently Debbie is in the final stages of putting together a book that chronicles her journey and the journeys of many others. It is a culmination of four years of holding space with strangers and helping them to face their trauma and be witnessed in humanity’s purest form. You can support the project on Kickstarter.

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