Alexandria Deters “Send N00dz”

Alexandria Deters, born in 1992 in California, is a Bronx, New York based artist. In 2016, she graduated with a MA in American Fine and Decorative Art from the world-renowned Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York. She first began her embroidery practice in 2010 at San Francisco State University, where she received her BA in Art History and Women and Gender Studies.
Deters uses the medium of embroidery as a form of meditation. Her practice is deeply rooted in consent and with her personal experience successfully fighting eating disorders and mental health issues.

“I am an embroidery addict. Embroidery is the finest method for transmuting my own struggles with body positivity, physical and mental health issues into creativity, art and positivity. I make portraits that reveal the beauty inherent in the vulnerability of sexual expression. The sexual imagery that I depict is inspired by my recent sexual reawakening which helped me to experience the delight that my current partner takes in my body. This seismic shift in my own self-awareness drove me to share it with others.
Send N00dz is a series of highly sexualized portraits of friends and acquaintances. I base my embroidered portraiture on erotic photographs that my subjects take of themselves. These self-portraits reflect an intense intimacy that can’t be replicated. My aesthetic choices are governed by my desire to show my subjects how beautiful they are. I only title my works numerically. The decision to reveal that they’re the subject of my work is entirely up to the individual. My hope is that my work enables viewers to see the unique beauty in themselves, as well as in all types of bodies and sexual expression.”

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