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Instagram’s algorithm is designed to block any naked female breasts. But what triggers it? Would Instagram still see a breast if the nipple were stretched like Pinocchio’s nose?  Squished in-between a sandwich? Or hidden under a layer of ice? 

‘Taboob’ sets out to discover what makes a breast a breast, and when, according to Instagram, a breast no longer is a breast. More than 75 of those breasts will be posted on the Instagram account @taboobofficial, and they will be numbered in order to see exactly how many of them have been blocked.  

All pictures will be exhibited later this year in the renowned Ingrid Deuss Gallery. The proceeds will go to breast cancer research. 

Photographer: Noortje Palmers
Creative: Jasper Declercq
Styling: Farah El Bastani & Harriet Wouters
Models: Anonymous

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