Sedona “Same Sky”


Femme bot soul pop Sedona is back with a new single ‘Same Sky‘.

Brooklyn based artist Sedona released a new track & video ‘Same Sky‘, a homage to the 80s, and to finding comfort in solitude. The song is a pure remedy for the moments in life when you feel you’re from another planet, that no one truly understands. In a way it is an attempt to unite us in our sadness, our lonesomeness, our feelings of isolation.

“Even in a crowded room there are times where I feel most alone. Embracing the waves of life and claiming your space is what this song aims to do. I am someone who has struggled with being alone for quite some time. This song is my attempt to love my alone time and own it.”

Yoni Media and Cherry B Films
Director – Sammy King and Isabel Albuquerque
Producer – Farrell Huntley
Director of Photography – Ryan Brown
AD – Kate Emerick
Editor & Sound Designer – Payton Koch
1st AC – Josh Glassman
Production Designer – Leona Johnson
Art Director – Cassidy Gyetvan
Stylist – Monica Murillo
Hair & Makeup – Laura Dudley
Drone Operator – Max Ziman
VHS Operator & Gaffer- Graham Epstein VFX & Colorist – Zain Awais

Guitar – Taylor Snook
Bass – Peyton Zouck
Keyboard – Alia El Boushi
Drums – Peachy Ellis
Femme Bot #1 Harper Cullen
Femme Bot #2 Kate Emerick
Femme Bot #3 Tara Kooklanfar
Femme Bot #4 Jayna Won

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