Anna Sampson


Anna Sampson is a fine art photographer based in London, UK. Originally a painter, Anna is a self-taught photographer who shoots on film and completes her images in the darkroom. Her work challenges gender boundaries in popular culture by blending and subverting cisgender stereotypes, with a playful riff on role-play.
Gender Trouble is Anna Sampson’s first solo show in London, showcasing a collection of photographs that challenge the notion of gender identity. Shot over the past two years, her images posit a suggestion that true feminism requires real equality – and that there should be no hierarchy between the sexes. By merging and blurring gender clichés and stereotypes, Anna seeks to free gender from its bipolar shackles, demonstrating that gender, like sexuality, is fluid and non-binary.

The heterosexual male gaze has both dominated and defined popular culture for centuries. Women have always faced – and continue to face – being objectified and commodified by male sexual desire. In this exhibition, I hope to challenge that orthodoxy.
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