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Boy Harsher’s latest release, ‘The Runner’ Movie + Soundtrack, is an exorcism.


From fetish clubs to catwalks, Boy Harsher have amassed a cult-like following for the broody, hedonistic atmosphere captured amidst their beats. Their new release steps up the cinematics to present not only an album, but also a short film. Both the Album and Movie are out now!

© Courtney Brooke @light_witch

Augustus Muller and Jae Matthews’ fifth release is not a traditional album. Rather, it is the soundtrack to a short film entitled THE RUNNER. The film, written, produced, and directed by the duo, is a horror film attached to a meta-style “documentary” about Boy Harsher’s recording process, and was premiered on the horror streaming platform Shudder on Jan 16. The soundtrack stands up as an album in its own right – not only as an accompaniment to the film. It features the dark pop that Boy Harsher are known for alongside eerie, cinematic instrumentals.

© Courtney Brooke @light_witch


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