BUMP MAGIC: A Tribute to Movement, Empowerment, and Self-Acceptance

Photographer Anika Zachow captured performance artist/ director Lauren Pringle during her seventh month of pregnancy. Lauren, renowned for her expertise in movement and womb practices, collaborated with Anika to portray a lighthearted perspective on pregnancy, embracing its curves and waves while expressing playful freedom through body language. As the creator of @ourbodymoves, Lauren remained active during her pregnancy, emphasizing performance and witnessing. She advocates for body positivity and self-acceptance, hosting workshops across Europe and encouraging others to prioritize health and vitality over comparison. This series pays homage to the beauty and magic of pregnancy, urging individuals to maintain a strong connection with their bodies and embrace the experience.

It is wild even in pregnancy, the female body still becomes an object of gaze, both positively and negatively. Body dysmorphia is real and I found myself comparing my bump to others thinking it was too big or too high or not the ‘perfect’ shape’. Having a body is wild enough, creating life is wild enough and then the fact we still have to be concerned about our image comparisons on instagram with other ‘perfect’ pregnancies and bumps is just unrealistic’. What is most important is that we are healthy, beautiful, juicy, alive bodies creating life in all shapes and sizes. This photoshoot is an ode to that and to keep feeling embodied throughout pregnancy and integrate the bump magic into all practises, keeping fabulous and free. 

Lauren Pringle

Performer: @laurenjaynepringle
Photographer: @zachow_pictures
HMU: @luagamia.mua
Special thanks to location @mahallaberlin
Find out more about Lauren’s work at @ourbodymoves / ourbodymoves.com

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