Venus Distorted 02

VENUS DISTORTED by Franziska Brodhun


She has been travelling through time and space to help us answer the question of our times: Will we ever be able to see beauty clearly?

Inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, body positive photographer Franziska Brodhun and model Fehu freyjadottir started investigating upon this question.

By reading this, you are also becoming part of this mutual journey.

Franziska Brodhun is exploring the field of body positivity and self love through her camera lens. Her aim is to inspire people through her photos to look at themselves more kindly.

All bodies are amazing, no matter which shape or size they come in, because they allow ourselves to interact with the world and create this amazing experience called LIFE. Once we are able to understand this, we might be able to let go of our disturbed expectations of what our bodies should look like and can rather start enjoying how they FEEL.

Fehu is a Core Energetics inspired somatic coach and specialist for process work and sexuality. She advocates and lives full self expression in all it’s forms, and supports others forward into the depth of their own being: restoring connection to their most authentic, primal, natural and sensual self while activating full uninhibited self-expression.

There is always a deeper version of everything, including yourself.

Concept & photography: Franziska Brodhun @franziska_brodhun
Muse: Fehu Freyjadottir @fehu.freyjadottir

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