#DAMUR is a Berlin-based unisex fashion brand that aims to break through the stereotypes, norms and limits that our overexposed world implies on us. Think “naughty elegance” to picture the unique style of #DAMUR; a mix of Berlin’s underground influence with luxurious fabrics. The brand believes in equality and wants to challenge narrowminded attitudes with every collection. #DAMUR is available online, at KONK (Kleine Hamburger Str. 15 10117 Berlin) and STUDIO 183 (BrunnenstraĂźe 183, 10119 Berlin)

In a time where the # expresses every thought, sentiment or idea, it has become a challenge to be heard or understood. We revolve around the world-wide-web, our hashtag gives us the freedom to express ourselves without saying or typing. We are free, we are bold and we stand out. You have a story to tell. So #WhyLimitYourStyle?”

Photography: Trevor Brady – IG: @trevorbrady1

Nicole @nichcool from @cocaine.models
Jeremy Dafflon  @jeremy.dafflon from @onetimemanagement

Hair and Makeup: Anja Heymann @artonskin.de from Matthias Odenthal Agentur

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