“New Rules”

The editorial is about self-esteem Interventions and not fitting into beauty standards or social norms.

You have the freedom to be who you really are.

Team Credits 
Photographer: Ukebua Arisu
Styling and Creative Direction: Miray Kilic @miray.rayy
Hair: Bailey Humphrys @iambaileyh
Makeup: Sophie Ball & Lia Thompson @sophiebmakeupartist @lctartistry
Models: @pseudosoph1a @starwitchsubswitch (from @revoltmodelagency)
@boyvvenus @ellie.hahaha (from @contact.xyz)

Brian De Carvalho @briandecarvalho
Alice Elizabeth Clarke @aalice.elizabethh
Róisín @roisinmcummins
Limitée PR @limitee_pr
Stephverano @stephverano_
Aleksandra Seweryniak @aleksandraseweryniak
Car|2ie @car2ie_
Rysia Pierzchala @rysia.headpiece

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