Seasons of Self

An artistic short film by Sunnie Zuleta that pays homage to cyclical living.


Australian-Colombian artist Sunnie Zuleta uses 35mm film photography, video, collage and poetry in her exploration of bodies, nature and intimacy to capture a raw untethered expression. Her seamless movement through different mediums enables an organic representation of personal vulnerability.

‘Seasons of Self’ is a poetic exploration of the birth, life, death, rebirth process and its connection to creativity, femininity and nature. It is a portrait of a woman who moves through the different highs and lows of being within a surreal dream state. We begin with Spring (birth), move into Summer (life), through to Autumn/Winter (death) and finally we return back to where we started in Spring (rebirth).

Director/Filmmaker: Sunnie Zuleta @sunniezuleta
Assistant Camera: Justin Thomas @___justinthomas
Sound Design: Jake Wilson @jmc_wils
Talent: Jane Baker @jane_baker
The voiceover poem is an amalgamation of excerpts from various poets including: Sunnie Zuleta, Jake Wilson @jmc_wils, AJ Mills @pure_stain, Jane Baker @jane_baker, Camille Piazza @bohempia

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