Elena Helfrecht “Daughters”


Elena Helfrecht was born in Bavaria in 1992 and grew up on the countryside. In 2014 she finished her bachelor’s degree in Art History; as a photographer she is self-taught. Elena is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Photography at the Royal College of Art in London.

“The Series Daughters is inspired by Baroque Architecture and Sculpture. The female body is treated as a symbol and ornament, representing and celebrating the essence of womanhood. Instead of a geographical provenance, the collective origin of women is photographically located in the Womb, tracing back the female lineage to a mitochondrial Eve. The camera itself functions as an extension of the female inner space – a seed in the dark impregnated by light and thought – distending into the image and making it accessible to the viewer.”

Photography: Elena Helfrecht @elenahelfrecht.
Models: Loreal Prystaj @lorealprystajphotography, Kendra McNichols @kengymc, Eva Munday @eva.munday.
Assistance: Sara Marinangeli @saramarinangeli7.

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