Eylül Aslan

Eylül Aslan, a photographer originally from Istanbul, Turkey, now based in Vienna, Austria, has gained global recognition for her unique visual world, featured in numerous independent magazines and zines. In 2015, Aslan published the zine “Dear Slut” with Edition Bessard/Paris and held her first solo exhibition, “Herstory,” at Alan Galeri in Istanbul. In 2017, she released her third photography book, “Trompe L’Oeil,” in Berlin before relocating to Vienna in 2019. Through her distinct and playful approach, Aslan’s work challenges social norms, particularly in Turkey, exploring femininity, sexuality, menstruation, female pleasure, and women’s fertility. Drawing from personal experiences, she deliberately objectifies women to create fragmented and vulnerable figures, offering a rebellious response to the suppression of women and sexuality in society.


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