Eylül Aslan


Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, where she studied french language and litterature at Istanbul University, the photography Artist Eylül Aslan now lives in Vienna, Austria.

Her art is breaking taboos and social norms in Turkey, by exploring mostly stories she has experienced in her life around femininity, sexuality, menstruation, female pleasure and woman’s fertility.

Her work has been published in numerous independent magazines and zines around the world. Titles including Die Zeit Magazine, Neon, Oh Comely, Lula Japan, Union, Intern, Casa Fibra. She was working together with brands like Adidas and Smart Car. Her debut book Trauerweide is published by Editions du LIC in 2014.

In 2015, she published the Zine Dear Slut by Edition Bessard / Paris. Her first solo photography exhibition “Herstory” took place at Alan Galeri in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015.”

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