Introducing OurBodyCollective, co-founded by Lauren Pringle, that works with dancers and non-dancers and the healing powers of dance. #MyBodyMyChoice is a performance and physical theatre dance project created by Lauren Pringle for MONOM SOUND at FUNKHAUS BERLIN commissioned by RADICAL SOUNDS OF LATIN AMERICA FESTIVAL, funded by MUSIC BOARD BERLIN.
Lauren Pringle has created a site specific theatre performance to highlight the struggle and reality faced with illegal abortions in Latin America and the global issue.
All photos were shot by Gabriella Achadinha.

“When commissioned to create this piece, I knew I wanted to continue my method as a
director/choreographer and process of working with a mix of untrained and trained dancers and all different types of bodies. I also wanted to use this platform as a healing process and many of the women involved in the piece had experienced illegal abortions and abortions in general. My method as a choreographer is to continue using a range of humans in the devising process and to really encourage people to be in their skin and develop their own body confidence. I want everyone to have the chance to be on stage if they desire as I feel it is one of the most empowering tools as humans we can EXPERIENCE. Political movements and breaking stereotypes within the dance scene, my new collective OurBodyCollective aims to create physical theatre and dance performances using devised methods, healing tools of performance and dance to create performances that talk about political issues in a provocative and thought provoking way.”

DIRECTOR Lauren Pringle

Tune in to @ourbodycollective for all up to date info on classes, workshops and performances, and to find out more about Lauren’s dance classes in Berlin or Amy’s classes in London.

Director/Producer/Choreographer: Lauren Pringle @laurenjaynepringle
Assistant Producer/Director: Amy Cooper @amyjaninacooper
Photographer: Gabriella Achadinha @gabriella_achadinha
Makeup: GutterGucci @guttergucci
Styling: Alin Bosnoyan @alinbosnoyan
Collective: Ourbodycollective @ourbodycollective
Dramaturg: Patricia Zegarra @patricia.zegarra.brockett
Lighting: Alex Guevara + Amy Cooper
Music: Ale Hop and Ignacio Briceño @ale_hophop

Riley Davidson @guttergucci
Patrizia Bieri @patriziabieri
Christian Mattia @soymattiya
Lukas Friedemann @lukesonf
Sofia Mattarollo @mediumcool_
Stevie Southard @4yrs_old
Yair Golinkin @yairgolinkin
Sofía Loose Martínez de Castro @gegenwaertigezukunft
Roc Gottschalk del Pozo @roc_lilith
Kiki Ramos Sörvik @kiki.kikss
Flavia Canapa @flaviacanapa
Adriana Berroteran @nuarnoir
Virginia Hernandez @_virhernandez
Sarah Luisa @sarahluisa_
Amy cooper @amyjaninacooper
Patricia Zegarra @patricia.zegarra.brockett

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