Photography by @zuzu.valla

Zuzu Valla is a self taught photographer from Slovakia currently living in the UK. Her series ”Flower” is an ongoing project, reflecting the post Covid years, where she puts the focus on the beautiful things in life.

Since the beginning of my career, I have always been inspired by women and flowers and they can be seen every now and then throughout ten years of work. My models are often girls or women who I spotted on the street or in the shops and the flowers are hand picked in nature or added with apps. I recently worked with amazing flower designer Yan, beautiful model Hannah aka Empty Alien, as well as gorgeous and big inspirations, Olivia and Bella who both lost one eye, but never lost one bit of beauty, and the amazing Lindy, who is 67 and has hearing difficulties. I feel blessed to be connected with all those amazing people and feel privileged to photograph them.

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