illustration by Louisa Foley


High-energy psychedelic butterfly, Gaff E transcends genres flying her own divine style. Her colourful performances are a wild,  carnal, hallucinogenic, activating trip! A unique artist, Gaff E brings bold individuality and vibrant colour to every stage she sets foot on, and every camera that captures her authentic style. Her passion for challenges and collaborative projects has cast her on a continuous international tour of creativity – DJing, modeling, styling, performing, dancing, directing, and producing music.
Classically trained as a pianist, violist, and saxophonist, today Gaff E expresses her musical talent through DJing (playing disco, italo, funk and soul), self-directed music videos, performances with her band MEGA Ω MEGA, and the MC Gaff E show which blends musical wit with high energy athleticism for a truly unforgettable entertainment experience.

Here is Gaff E’s new single “He Said She Said” an addictive track that comes with a psychedelic and trippy video.

“Time is like an elastic band so live for pleasure, stay pure & create cause there’s no time like NOW! Be wild, be free but most importantly… BE YOURSELF!” -Gaff E

Photos Credits:
Accessories: Doodad & Fandango
shot by: Tanja Bruckner
HMUA by: The Makeup Wardrobe
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