Jusu Slaps, an upstart-independent creative agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, is focused on breaking societal norms. Their latest project “Her Hair” celebrates women with body hair, specifically armpit hair. The series portrays four young women: feminine, carefree, and embracing their individuality.

It is very important to us as a creative agency to highlight and bring awareness to the unspoken and what may seem “taboo” to some. In our society, body hair on women is not perceived as picturesque nor represented enough in the beauty industry. Representation is extremely important, therefore our goal for this project was to hopefully encourage more women to be free with their body hairs. Body hair should be optional to both men and women, and not feel like a requirement to get rid of it.

Art Direction: Jusu Slaps Creative Agency (@jususlaps)
Models: Kaitlyn Stewart  (@vvonderbooty) Charly Scott  (@charly.yy) Lauren Beavin (@rightbeforeyoureyes) Zoë Zingeser  (@zzingeser)
Makeup: Jasmine Myrick (@riceisart) & Thla Lira (@thlalira)
Photographer: Caylee Powell (@gypsys0uls) & Chloé Roberson (@chloetookthese)
Set assistant: Faema Jusu (@fae.maa

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