‚HUMAN‘ is an ongoing film series directed by Laila Aliena Eby, in which various people are given space to share their stories and experiences with discrimination, stereotyping and racism. The idea of the project is to bring awareness to important issues and to create a safe, self-supporting and empowering community. 

The newest film of the series is intended to raise awareness about bulimia, a topic that is too often kept quiet. Exploring the pressure created by the media to chase after a universal, supposedly perfect ideal of the human body, the film features a young woman sharing her journey to self-love and raising her voice to encourage others to seek help and find a way out together.

Coming from a fashion background, I use fashion, art and filmmaking as tools to draw attention to important issues. I love to create aesthetic, bizarre visual worlds and tell stories that need to be heard.

Laila Aliena Eby

The film is directed & edited by Laila Aliena Eby @lailaalienaeby
Filmed by Niclas Lenhard @niclasviews
Fashion by Tommy Dombrowski @tommydombrowski
Starring Laura Herzog @lauhwarm

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