Jill Verghaeghe “Glitter Guide to Self Love”


Jill Verhaeghe is a photographer from Brussels, based in New York City. Her work captures the poetic moments in her daily life or intimate moments in the studio while reflecting upon the male gaze, sexuality, love and friendship. In this series she captured Leeza Lakhter’s true queer self and the relationship between them and their partner Mia Paden in the safe space of their own studio. Through these intimate portraits Jill aimed to reflect their strong souls and their unconditional love for each other.

Leeza Lakhter is a self-taught queer tattoo artist born and raised in New York City. They use art as an outlet to share body positivity, LGBTQ, and mental health awareness. Mia Paden is a film creative producer from Tennessee, based in New York City. Her work surrounds LGBTQ, body, sex positivity, and women’s rights. 

photography by Jill Verhaeghe @vikotjewww.jillverhaeghe.com
make-up & styling by Mia @miamakesmovies
models: Leeza @letmepokeu & Mia @miamakesmovies

“I have always struggled with accepting and loving myself. Being self conscious about my body and mind has always made it difficult to do anything. When I started learning about self care, I realized that taking care of yourself can actually be a way to grow and learn more about your body. I have been suffering with BPD for many years. My mental health has affected my identity and self perception a lot. It’s been a journey to find myself and it’s only starting.” -Leeza Lakhter

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