Romy Alizée “Femmes Poésie”


Romy Alizée is a French erotic photographer and sex worker based in Paris. In her analog, black and white, photography work, she lays eyes on nudity, with a queer feminist lens, challenging mainstream representations of sexuality. Her latest photography series is titled FEMMES POÉSIE.

“In continuation of my series Things I imagined, I chose to stage Garance and Arthur as the modern couple. She is a brilliant actress with a strong personality and he is a very talented photographer. The pictures depict my passion for powerful femmes and discreet, devoted, movable men. My presence can be seen as a testimony of the actions, through whom the viewer can enjoy a bit of their everyday life.”

Photographer : Romy Alizée @romixalizee
Models : Garance Shinance @garance.shinance / Arthur Crestani @arthurcrestani
Stylist : Romy Alizée
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