Kristina Shakht

New-York based Russian photographer Kristina Shakht creates art exploring the female gaze, femininity and the body. Inspired by her own healing journey, Kristina aims to give a comforting feeling of safe space through her work.

My main goal is to normalise women’s bodies, not as sexual objects but as pieces of art.

As a sexual assault survivor, this work is my healing process in accepting my own body and reframing the stigmas that society has around female sexuality.

Photography & creative direction: Kristina Shakht
Hair: Timur Katz @timurkatz
Mua: Timur Katz @timurkatz & Dmitriy Kukushkin @makeupbydmitry
Models: Kovich @janekovich, Helga @helgahitko, Emmi @emmishockley, Yuri @yuritachi, Kayaira @wander_jpg

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