Marta Galli is a photographer from Florence, Italy. Since she was a child she has been writing stories, depicting imaginary worlds and losing herself in the freedom of the white pages. Later on she began to express herself through the visual world of photography, where she found her own dimension: the best way for her to express her feelings, stories and questions. 

In this series of self-portraits she explores the issues of bodily autonomy.


I started wondering why the law, some simple words, can decide what we can and can’t do with our women bodies. A law for this country, a law for another. Their goal is always the same, to take the power away from us, and the freedom of existing as we want, inwardly as well as outwardly, away from our minds. Bodies and minds locked up by ropes made of words which make our wrists bleed, our backs break and our throats choke.


We cried, we cry and we’ll cry, But we’ll loosen the rope, we’ll straighten our backs up, we’ll dry our blood off and we’ll start screaming. The words you stuff your mouths with will be at our service, will turn into weapons demolishing the prison you wanted us locked in, and that rope will turn into our bond which will break your legs by us walking tall.


On our bodies we decide,
On our flesh we decide,
On our health we decide,
On our mind we decide,
On our womb we decide,
On our future we decide, 
And be aware,
It’s not for sale.

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