Lydia Metral


Stabat Mater” is a series of work by photographer Lydia Metral focusing on the bodies of a number of mature women she has met over the past 4 years. The objective was to give them free expression in an intimate environment through body language.

“I was hoping that the natural beauty would radiate from these women and help them to accept their changing bodies. These women are diverse individuals, they are strong, they are resilient, they have experienced pain and joy, they are mothers, grandmothers, divorced, married, they represent humanity and I wanted them to express themselves, what they felt deep inside. I wanted them to embrace their inner self. It was a way to find solace in the beauty of the present moment, in the grace of their bodies sculpted by life and time and sometimes by diseases. In a peaceful and quiet environment, they managed to reveal the beauty of their soul through their body. In a world where only the beauty of youth is celebrated, I wanted to show an alternative that would help women to recognize their own beauty at any age. I dedicate this series to Laurence, one of the women I have photographed and who passed away at the end of 2018.”
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