Marie-Lisette Cropp “TRUST”


Marie-Lisette Cropp is a Berlin-based fine art & editorial photographer, whose personal work faces different gender issues and topics within society. The series ‘Trust’ explores the abuse & suffering dancers are constantly expected to inflict on their body.

Abusing our bodies as dancers is so normalised that it takes years to realise it or even come close to a point of realisation.

Alessia & xenia

You are challenging every day your physical and mental stamina. How far are you willing to push your body and your mind to meet the expectations of the work you are part of? Most of the time you are constantly aiming for a perfection that doesn’t belong to you, jeopardising your mental and physical health. Your body and qualities should be rated perfect as they are.

Alessia & xenia

Photography & Art Direction: Marie-Lisette Cropp @marielisettecropp 
Models: Alessia @alesdis_ & xenia @xxenia_a_

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