Berlin-based dancer & Movement Director Marie Zechiel shares “Inter Figura” a short film portraying a woman switching between gender-defined appearances. The video questions the concept of gender identity, and how a woman must behave in order to be successful in a patriarchal world.


We all move differently and in our own unique way. Nonetheless, there are certain schemes in our body language which are interpreted by others as happy, sad, angry or any other emotion. Additionally some of these patterns manipulate our perception of gender deeply – sometimes beyond our control. On the other hand this enables us to interact with our gender and opens possibilities to consciously bend our impression on other humans.

With “INTER FIGURA”, Marie Zechiel reveals this phenomenon in a playful but challenging short film: Through contrasting seemingly basic ideas of sexual identities and transforming between them as well as many parts of social genders along the way, this film leaves the viewer with a central question that many parts of our society are based on: “Is our movement-based awareness of gender a necessary illusion?”

Written & directed by: Marie Zechiel @mariezechiel
Movement direction: @movementdirector
Music Composition: SORCERY @sorcery_music      
Mastering: Daniele Antezza @dadub_mastering       
Editing: metawaste @metawaste              
Costume: Ruth Best @3ruth3best3              
Jewellery: MYL Berlin              
Production: Beques Berlin @doctor_beques 

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