No Plastic Stereotypes

“No Plastic Stereotypes” is an analog photography campaign created by creative director Roos Alberts, in collaboration with photographer Lisa Elean, with the aim to promote body positivity and challenge traditional gender roles. The series explores the relationship between sexuality and vulnerability, while placing a significant focus on fashion and meticulous attention to detail. The goal of the campaign is to highlight the innate sensuality of the human body, while also fostering a media environment that is inclusive and empowering for women.

We did not shoot with models, but rather with beautiful individuals, like we all are. Spreading love and inspiration.

Roos Alberts (stylist & Creative director)

Photography and Art direction: Lisa Elean @lisebae  
Styling and Creative direction : Roos Alberts @rfalberts
MUAH: Tessa Oosting @tesssoosting
Models: Hannah Deuten @hannahdeuten, Dido van dam @dido.jpg, Kaaya 

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