Born in 1998 under the sign of the Aquarius in Milan, Italy, Elena Antonini is a young visual artist interested in the human being and the body, with particular attention to the world of women. What interests Elena is to explore the female world, in a sincere and honest way, trying to unhinge the system of shame that has always governed women.

OGGETTO PRIVATO (Eng: Private Object) is a research on women, that aims to analyze the feeling of shame in owning a female body. Speaking in the first person and recounting her personal vision and experiences, the author puts at the center of the question the male mentality that pervades the common imagination and feelings towards herself and her body. It is a discourse on how the female body is seen and perceived in today’s society and how this deeply rooted patriarchal vision often implies a censorship of one’s own being.

This feature is only an extract of the project.

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