Sola me gusto

A project about masturbation and self love, by artist Gabriela Robles Corradini in collaboration with spanish brand “Sola Me Gusto”.

@gabicorradini @solamegusto

We’ve been told that we have to fit in certain body standards to be wanted and to be desirable. That’s why today we undress and show ourselfs as we are, in order to promote self-love conscience and break female masturbation taboos. Because no-one and nobody can love you and touch you the way you do 😉

With my work I talk about our need to stand for ourselves, self empowerment and self love in a direct, simple and sometimes, funny way. Also I love using music and cinema to develop the topics i explore.

Gabriela Robles Corradini

models: @larissagloriel and @naza.reth 

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