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BEL “Better than Me” live


Australian-based songwriter and poet, Bel, released a theatrical, fashion-forward live video for “Better than Me”.

The artist, born from a supernatural cataclysm, exists in a world of her own design where the ugly and raw nature is seen. Everything real is authentic with no veil to hide imperfections. she celebrates unashamedly and unwilling to compromise in her approach.

“I wanted to make a live performance film for ‘Better Than Me’ to showcase a different side of my artistry. Typically in the creation of music videos you can do as many takes as you please until you get it all perfect. In the filming of a live performance piece there is nowhere to hide. It was just me my voice and the piano. I didn’t grow up playing instruments. I was always a writer but I only started to self-teach piano around the age of 17. What possessed me to make a video centred around an instrument that is somewhat foreign to me I’m not sure. Though I’ve touched on it before, I am a serial perfectionist. I am by no means under the impression that I am Mozart but this idea was birthed from my desire to push myself out of my comfort zone in hope of making something truly vulnerable and beautiful. And of course it’s not a classic ‘Bel’ visual piece unless it’s part fashion film part art-house theatre. I had a vision to make this as theatrical and ridiculous as possible as well as emotive and real. With the help of a dedicated team of creatives and my obsession with artistic growth I think we achieved a spectacular result.”

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