Music Video Premiere: “HER” by Anastasia Vol

“Her” is a tune with ambiguous and dark energy. It is a song about deep sinister thoughts and jealousy, about attraction and confusion. Singer Anastasia Vol finds inspiration in old-school sounds, ethnic melodies and sentimental lyrics. Her voice is distinct and recognisable, with a smoky and dewy vocal performance. Visual artist Imogen Mansfield created the Super 8 film, capturing the essence of elemental emotion and loneliness.

The song is pretty difficult, emotionally. I wrote it as a fictional story to romanticise my daily obsessive thoughts, and to make my feelings easier to understand through the words of a lyrical speaker. 

Singer Anastasia Vol

The film reflects the dark side of our dreams and imagination. The experience of seeing and believing things that aren’t really there, and the heartbreak that follows when you realise the truth.

Director Imogen Mansfield

Written and performed by Anastasia Vol
Film and photography by Imogen Mansfield

Featuring: Laurine Payet and Anastasia Vol
Keyboard: Paul Drilhon
Producer: Jose Manuel Cubides

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