Rebecca Fahey


Rebecca Fahey is a Creative Director, Art Director, Multimedia designer and stylist from Dublin and a recent NCAD design graduate. Fahey’s career started in 2013 after being featured by leading and respected art curator’s online at the age of 16. Fahey’s influences come from her surrealistic and innovative approaches to creative tasks and her Synesthesia. Fahey’s work tends to push boundaries in realms of digital design and print and installations by deconstructing traditional means of design. Her unique and impressive portfolio has included some of the finest Irish Musicians, fashion influencers and creatives. Fahey is now working in NYC, working for large advertising agencies and editorial freelancing.

I was always quite a curious child growing up, I constantly questioned my own surroundings and took everything visually in my mind. I develop an interest in art at the age of 14 where I incorporated my surroundings into my art. The surreal ideas of my work tend to come from my subconscious. I am quite a shy individual that has trouble expressing my thoughts verbally, Art is a way of depicting my feelings and reflections
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