Embracing Body Neutrality: Roxanne Ricohermoso’s artistic journey beyond ‘forced positivity’ and ‘perfect’ ideals


In a world dominated by the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body, self-criticism often traps us. While body positivity aimed to counter this, it sometimes led to forced positivity. Roxanne Ricohermoso‘s art offers a fresh take on body neutrality, providing an alternative to the occasionally problematic body positivity movement. Instead of just embracing all body types, body neutrality takes a holistic approach by shifting focus from appearances and reducing the pressure to connect self-worth with looks. It reminds us that constant admiration of our bodies isn’t essential. Through her art, Ricohermoso goes beyond traditional beauty and sexuality norms, urging viewers to tap into their senses. Moving away from standard full-figure nudes, she explores the authentic aspects of the female form, highlighting fragmented perspectives that emphasize natural shapes. Ricohermoso treats human flesh with depth and consideration, sidestepping objectification and judgment. Her skillful brushwork accentuates natural elements, complemented by subtle colors and paper-like textures. By collaborating with models, Ricohermoso captures fleeting emotions in unconventional poses that challenge commercial photography. This collection includes two of her series: ‘Fragments‘ and ‘In Pause‘, bringing together the artist, the process, and the result to celebrate impartiality and neutrality. Her oil-painted pieces blend classical and contemporary styles, presenting a harmonious fusion of detached yet potent artistry.


In Pause

  • Information sources based on an article written by Lala Singian
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