The real coast of Motherhood

Sorry, Baby, For The Uncertainty

In her thought-provoking series, Giulia Giu explores the pervasive fear ingrained in society, revealing its visible manifestations in various aspects of our lives.

Our environment, with its overwhelming influence, triggers eco-anxiety due to natural disasters, climate refugees, an unsustainable economic model, and overpopulation. Amidst this environmental distress, women face a dilemma of whether to have children or not, as society presents conflicting messages. Motherhood is romanticized, yet abstaining from having children seems necessary for a sustainable future.

Fast fashion Altar

Giulia Giu’s series delves into the paradoxical expectations and cognitive dissonance experienced by women, aiming to ignite reflection and meaningful discussions about creating a more sustainable world. The societal narrative has transformed, with guilt and accusations now associated with both choosing to have children and not having them. Giu’s work prompts us to reevaluate our beliefs and question the path forward in this era of uncertainty.

Smoking hot

In the context of this environ-mentally induced distress, an increasing number of women are questioning whether they should have a child. I am one of them.

Why would I bring someone into this world if I can’t guarantee them a sustainable future in every aspect? However, what if our children could make a difference?

We used to feel guilty and be considered selfish if we didn’t have children. Now, we feel guilty and selfish if we want to have one.

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