Silvia Paci


Silvia Paci is a painter born in Italy in 1990. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and now lives in Berlin. She works with oil painting on canvas and her art is inspired by deformed bodies, subjects constantly changing and unique in their particularity.
Silvia took part in the “Prima Pagina Art Prize”(2015) Bologna, as well as the TU35 project at Officina Giovani (2015), sponsored by Center for Contemporaney Art Luigi Pecci, Prato. Some of her works have been shown at “Black canvas” and “Focus” exhibition at Fellini Gallery, Berlin and she attended “Combat Prize”, ranking among the artists reported by the jury.

My favorite subjects are human beings with their faces and bodies. In this sense, the predominant image I portrait is surgery through which the body is treated as an object and the individuality of the person is even less.
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