Symbolic Transposition


Aurore Le Ludec is a multidisciplinary plastician artist based in Paris, France, who graduated with a Master degree of art and vision at the Sorbonne School of Arts. Within her studies she developed a research-creation related to merging with painting, so that it becomes a flow of bodily, emotional and psychic release. Through the symbolic transposition of menstrual blood into pictorial flow, the work aims to rewrite the gesture of painting from the female body.

From blood (injury) to blood (painting) 

Throughout my analysis of the menstrual body flow phenomenon, I am reconsidering a fluid that has catalyzed fears and taboos as a creative process. It is a question of transposition of blood into painting, retranscribing an overflow: the non-control of a fluid which spreads between density and opacity. The blood mood becomes colored impressions; a trace that becomes a memory of the individual and collective past’s wounds, in a transformation of what is commonly dirty into a pictorial work.

In becoming one with the painting, it thus became a testimony of a symbolic and even energetic purification.

I began a study on the physical and psychological impact of my menstrual cycle through daily self-portraits, for thirty-eight days, taking notes on my emotional state, based on the premise that women see themselves incarcerated in a patriarchal society which has transformed them from housewives to dolls, exacerbating their femininity in a hyper-sexualized way while maintaining them in a girl’s psyche.

This approach around the woman’s body and more particularly around her interiority, even intimacy, is meant as a revolting expression.

These photographs are the result of a performance realized with textile paint to experience sensorial feelings with the paint. Photo credits: @visualmotions

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