“The Paradox of Womanhood”

Lina Czerny is a 27 years old photographer, whose work is strongly focused on contemporary feminists issues. In this series, Lina provides a soft glimpse of what womanhood means to her: Being powerful, yet beautiful no matter what society expects. Being powerful, yet vulnerable and fragile. Being powerful, yet feminine.


What does it mean to be a woman? How does it feel to be a woman? What does femininity mean? 

For me, being a woman in today’s society is a paradox. You’re judged for showing too much skin, you’re judged for showing too little skin. You’re judged for being too shy, you’re judged for being too outgoing. You are judged for having big boobs, you are judged for having small boobs. You don’t have a booty? You should work on it. You have a booty? Then you’re too fat.

Why are young girls expected to know how to behave correctly and what is the appropriate behavior anyway? Who sets the boundaries and rules?

Women should wear and do whatever they want as long as they feel comfortable themselves. Showing skin and showing your body does not mean to be sexually available.

The female body is powerful, rather go and celebrate it for existing than for judging it.

Models: Johanna Kocksholz, Cathrin Pichler, Comfort Okpaikhian.

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